I love watching Asian dramas. Okay maybe I’m a bit biased with my Jdorama but I have no problem watching Korean drama or Taiwanese drama.

Let me just say that I love My Princess (마이 프린세스)I just finished watching the whole series a while ago and it did not disappoint!!! :) And I will definitely add it to my favorite Korean Drama list: (1) Full House, (2) Love Story in Harvard, (3)Shining Inheritance,(4) Worlds Within.

I’ve always liked Kim Tae Hee ever since Love Story in Harvard and Stairway to Heavenso watching her in this romantic comedy made me love her! As for Song Seung Hun, I’ve never really liked him because I was rooting for Won Bin's character in Autumn Tale/Autumn in my Heart but surprisingly I like him here in My Princess because of his character, Mr. P! :)

He has such great chemistry with Kim Tae Hee that one would surely wish that they become a couple in real life. :)

My Princess is such a cute Kdrama, watching it would leave anybody feeling giddy afterwards. ;))

To download, go here.


Random: For those people who loves Blair Waldorf, Kim Tae Hee's character Lee Seol dresses like her and sometimes even kinda' looks like her. Also Lee Seol’s favorite movie here is Roman Holiday! ;)


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